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Religions prof is an idiot of epic proportions who has no idea how to lecture and doesn't know his subject at all. He also never remembers what he assigned us to read and so I ca never be as prepared as I want to be because the reading that he assigned last week becomes completely irreverent to that session. And it annoys and frustrates the ever loving shit out of me because I paid a lot of cash for that class and I have no way of getting it back now. This was also the class that I was looking the most forward to as well so that's another layer on my rage cake. There are probably about three other intelligent/well read people in the class. This is important because the prof likes to make the whole class into one big discussion to try and cover up his incompetence and blatant bias towards Christianity, which, besides me and the three other smart/well read people, no one cares about because they're all white and Christian. It's extra annoying as well that when ever I attempt to add to the 'discussion' that he'll just basically restate whatever I say with extra 'ums' and 'ahs' for added emphasis. And today we got a bonus dose of sexism, white male privilege and idiocy while attempting to discuss oral vs. written tradition.

So, I'm just kind of pissed off.

On the bright side, my Marriage & Family course is brilliant. I think I'm going to really sad when it ends because the prof is just completely fantastic; which just makes the contrast between the two classes even more stark concerning the Religion course's shittyness. Granted, I accidently got the wrong edition of the book but I'll have that fixed soon enough and than all shall be daises and chocolates.
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This semester is over! WOO! I'm glad that's over with. Now all I have to do is veg and job hunt. Also, my grandpa is pretty freaking awesome because he's offered to help me out with college next semester which means I actally have money left over that I can use to buy Christmas presents and take three classes. *does a little dance* Which is awesome because I hate it when I get Christmas presents but I haven't given any. Makes me feel ridiculously selfish and scroogey even though I don't really like Christmas too much. I do like the giving and receiving bits though. Mainly I just hate how everyt year the fundies will get up in arms about the 'War on Christmas' and go on about how 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season' - it's really annoying. The Pagans had it first. *rolls eyes* Though I'm thinking about to a Christmas/ Christmas Eve (not sure) Mass this year because I've heard it's very pretty. At the very least it'll be interesting. And maybe I'll volunteer at a soup kitchen or charity. I've been meaning to do that anyway.

Also, my knitting is going very well. I've nearly got my fingerless gloves done along with my mum's and I'm starting on a new project. Fingerless Snake Mittens! (runningjackknits.blogspot.com/2008/09/its-here.html) I'm doing the snake in rainbow yarn and the actal glove in turquoise. It's going to be awesome. I'm pretty sure Lauren will love it. *grins* Plus I get a fox hat out of the deal. Not a fox fox hat but a felt one that looks like a fox. Just clearing that up.

No Dice...

Nov. 12th, 2010 06:49 pm
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McDonald's was supposed to call me by now if I got the job, so I guess I don't have a job. Dammit. Still. What did I expect really? I mean the only job experience I've got is babysitting and who wants to take a chance when there are all of these way more qualified people who are out of work? It probably went to one of them.  Bah. It would have been really freaking nice if they'd taken me on so I could get those classes I wanted next semester. *sigh*  At the rate this job hunt is going I'm beginning to think I should just set up a nanny service and be done with it. I've got the experience and I'm certified for CPR and first-aid... It could work. I think I need to put some thought into this.. And possibly start going to my old church so I can get some more contacts. Because I'm certainly not going back for the religion. Way too much green jello delivered to my door. Well, I'll have to do some research. Or there's that bank teller position that I heard about. Might be something there.

knitting and NanNoWriMo )
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I'm alive! My paper is done and I'm alive and slightly loopy from paper stress. But. Still. It's done! So ha! *grins*

And I'm gonna need a lot of caffeine to get through today awake. But oh well. At least the freaking paper is done. Now all I have to do is make use of all the extra credit and I might pull through this class with a B. Why I need a psychology class to learn how to massage peoples backs I will never know. It's basically a class about how people's minds work wrapped up in funny terms. My gran could probably teach it and it'd be about the same, it'd just have more common sense to it.

Now, if only that Supernatural fic idea will leave me alone until I've caught up on seasons four and five I will be set. *beats off plot bunnies with a stick*
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Am currently very annoyed with myself. Seriously, self? Why didn't you look at your syllabus? Why? Cause now you only have a week to do that huge paper that you haven't touched. Much less thought about. Which makes you kinda dumb. And a little bit panicky.

And then there's that exam that's coming up that you forgot about too. For the same class. *headdesk*

I really should try getting a calendar someday. That way, maybe I'll actually remember things for once. *shrugs and sighs* It's worth a try at least.

*gets back to work*


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