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Need new job. So I've started hunting for one. I've forgotten how stressful it is and how much I hate finding references, And since I've only ever had the filing job that I'm currently at, how very pathetic my job history looks. I don't even have college as an excuse since I've only been able to afford 4 classes since high school. And just, argh.*shakes fist at the job gods*

Hell, well, I live in hope. The glorious hope of getting paid more and escaping scanning in a windowless room.

*applies more*
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I've messed up my sleeping schedule. Again. I'm fairly sure I'm still babysitting for the Conley's today but I'll have to call and make sure when it gets to be a more reasonable hour for that sort of thing. Plus I need to remind her about last week's pay. Still, at this rate I'm fairly sure that I'll have enough for next semester if I can convince my family that a college class is a perfectly good present and that they should ignore the way I've been drooling over certain corsets, skirts and lace-up boots during my internet wanderings. I can do without them but I need that class.

Also, I've gotten really bored of my current layout so I'm switching it to something else. Possibly adding a header. I'll get back to you on that.

No Dice...

Nov. 12th, 2010 06:49 pm
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McDonald's was supposed to call me by now if I got the job, so I guess I don't have a job. Dammit. Still. What did I expect really? I mean the only job experience I've got is babysitting and who wants to take a chance when there are all of these way more qualified people who are out of work? It probably went to one of them.  Bah. It would have been really freaking nice if they'd taken me on so I could get those classes I wanted next semester. *sigh*  At the rate this job hunt is going I'm beginning to think I should just set up a nanny service and be done with it. I've got the experience and I'm certified for CPR and first-aid... It could work. I think I need to put some thought into this.. And possibly start going to my old church so I can get some more contacts. Because I'm certainly not going back for the religion. Way too much green jello delivered to my door. Well, I'll have to do some research. Or there's that bank teller position that I heard about. Might be something there.

knitting and NanNoWriMo )
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So, had a good day today. Was going to go job-hunting in Novi but decided that sleep was far more important which led to some very strange dreams about my mother and I shopping at Wal-Mart  with our car full of pizza boxes and cats while on on epic quest to find the Golden Dildo. During which we somehow bent time and space and the Doctor showed up and called us stupid apes. Yeah, I don't know either but I'm sure Freud would have a field day.

Sent in some more applications which I'm pretty sure are going to get ignored since my only work experience consists of babysitting. Speaking of babysitting, the Days had me look after their kids tonight which is awesome and my bank account is now thirty bucks richer. Which is also awesome. *grins* Granted, I can't spend it on anything fun since I'm saving up for next semester classes but thirty bucks is thirty bucks. *shrugs*
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So I've got a good lead at the local sweet shop which sounds like it'll be perfect if I get it. They need someone from noon to five and I'm pretty sure the manager likes me. Always Knew that me lovely wit and dubious charm would serve me well one day. May also help that I'm good at dealing with screaming kids, which, being a sweet shop they seem to get a lot of. This can only be good for my chances.

There's also the possibility of a lead at Subway, but I really like Sweet Treats better as far as my options go. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate? *shrugs* Really, though, I'm kinda getting to the point that I'll take whoever will hire me. I'll take what I can get because I'm just so bored waiting for my next class to start up. Which reminds me, I need to call and ask what book the prof wants me to get so I can try and find it cheap somewhere... Though considering it's an anatomy class that's probably not too likely.

Also have been looking into Zen and Tao which are very interesting. I kinda don't want to give the books I took out on them back to the library. *sigh* Will just have to put them on my to buy list along with all those other things I'm planning on doing once I have money again. I'm also thinking of picking up tarot just because it looks interesting. Hm. We'll see.

Also have been attempting to read the Bible for the first time despite having claimed to believe in it for the majority of my life. It. doesn't. make. sense. Seriously. Why that hell did God not take Cain's offering but accepted Abel's? I mean, it's not like he said anything about veggies not being worthy sacrifices that I could see. I mean, I know my church attaches significant symbolic type stuff to this concerning Jesus being the sacrificial lamb and such for our sins and that Abel's offering is supposed to signify this, but it was the beginning of the world. I kinda doubt that there was precedence for this yet, ya know? Bah, this is what I get for expecting things to make sense. Still, the creation of the Earth bit was pretty darn cool, I'll give it that.


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