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So tired, but I can't get to sleep for the life of me. It's very annoying because in about four or five hours I'm supposed to get up and babysit a three year old and a baby. Luckily, they're generally well behaved most of the time so hopefully that'll be that case this time.

My sleeping schedule is just ridiculously fucked up though. Haven't been able to get to bed at a decent hour for days and I kinda want to kill something. Maybe I can make a deal with a magic entity/god and go on a quest for sleep powder with no nasty side effects? Cause I really wouldn't mind slaying nasty beasts/taking cure of a far off realms problems/teaching the cure to toe fungus if it got me some decent sleep. I'd offer you my first-born but I've watched Labyrinth too many times.

Also, do I just have a face that says "I will totally listen to all your problems and provide sage advice on how to fix them"? Because apparently I do lately. It's probaly what I get for wearing a shirt that offers free hugs... *is baffled* But I routinely get people who sit down at my Starbucks table and after I do the polite bit of saying hi and and asking how they are, they proceed to answer honestly. I really have no idea why. And because I'm crazy I do my best to sort them out. Oy. Never let it be said life is boring. Though I think some of the staff have bets on whether my study sessions are going to turn into therapy sessions...


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