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Have recently gotten a hold of Dragon Age: Origins and I have thus far concluded that Alister and Morrigan need to have angry sex to get over their issues with each other. Or that could just make it worse....

The bickering is hilarious, though. *grins*

New Fandom

Jun. 26th, 2011 10:38 am
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Jumping on the Tiger & Bunny bandwagon. Is it even a bandwagon? I don't even care. *grins and twirls in happy circles* I love this show with all my sweet little fangirl heart. It hits all my buttons.

Does it have bromance? Yes. Does it have superheros with powers? Yes. An interesting premise? Yes. Does it have pretty awesome people? Yes. Does it make me laugh? Yes. Is my life now complete? Yes, yes and yes!

Yay new fandom!

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I really shouldn't be on here. *looks about stealthily* But I am, so, ah well. *shrugs* So, yeah. Man, I'm boring... I come to actually make use of this and now I can't think of anything interesting to say besides the fact that I'm moving and really need get some different icons.

I have waaay too many Zelos for my own good. Stupid girly pretty boy...

Also, I have an urge to actually [i]write[/i] fanfic instead of read it, 'cause, you know what? Tinman is awesome! *huggles Glitch* It's a show that I recorded a while back and didn't get 'round to watching 'till a few days ago and I really wish that I'd gotten 'round to it sooner now. It had great characters, an interesting, if generic, 'Evil Witch Must Be Overthrown' plot (with some twists), the princess character wasn't perfect and unable to do any wrong (in fact she [i]caused[/i] the witch situation) and was like a vaguely steam-punk 'Wizard of Oz'. Which shouldn't be that surprising, considering it's meant to be a modernized version of it. Which it did awesome at.

My one compliant is the ending. It was way too sudden. I mean, sure the huge eclipse thingy was averted and the Witch melted in classic Oz style, but there just wasn't any conflict resolution. It's like a book that ends as soon as the hero figure deals the killing blow and you turn the next page and there's nothing there. Meh. Ah, well. This is what we have fanfic for. To save us from crappy endings! *grins* And for really crazing pairings. *still hasn't quite recovered from the Potter fandom*

So, I think I'm going to have to dump some of my Zelos icons for Glitch because Glitch is just way more adorable. *hugs* And he has a zipper in his head! Now, that's just kinda awesome.

*runs off to get back to packing* Here, have some Zelos.


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