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Religions prof is an idiot of epic proportions who has no idea how to lecture and doesn't know his subject at all. He also never remembers what he assigned us to read and so I ca never be as prepared as I want to be because the reading that he assigned last week becomes completely irreverent to that session. And it annoys and frustrates the ever loving shit out of me because I paid a lot of cash for that class and I have no way of getting it back now. This was also the class that I was looking the most forward to as well so that's another layer on my rage cake. There are probably about three other intelligent/well read people in the class. This is important because the prof likes to make the whole class into one big discussion to try and cover up his incompetence and blatant bias towards Christianity, which, besides me and the three other smart/well read people, no one cares about because they're all white and Christian. It's extra annoying as well that when ever I attempt to add to the 'discussion' that he'll just basically restate whatever I say with extra 'ums' and 'ahs' for added emphasis. And today we got a bonus dose of sexism, white male privilege and idiocy while attempting to discuss oral vs. written tradition.

So, I'm just kind of pissed off.

On the bright side, my Marriage & Family course is brilliant. I think I'm going to really sad when it ends because the prof is just completely fantastic; which just makes the contrast between the two classes even more stark concerning the Religion course's shittyness. Granted, I accidently got the wrong edition of the book but I'll have that fixed soon enough and than all shall be daises and chocolates.


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