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Nov. 12th, 2010 06:49 pm
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McDonald's was supposed to call me by now if I got the job, so I guess I don't have a job. Dammit. Still. What did I expect really? I mean the only job experience I've got is babysitting and who wants to take a chance when there are all of these way more qualified people who are out of work? It probably went to one of them.  Bah. It would have been really freaking nice if they'd taken me on so I could get those classes I wanted next semester. *sigh*  At the rate this job hunt is going I'm beginning to think I should just set up a nanny service and be done with it. I've got the experience and I'm certified for CPR and first-aid... It could work. I think I need to put some thought into this.. And possibly start going to my old church so I can get some more contacts. Because I'm certainly not going back for the religion. Way too much green jello delivered to my door. Well, I'll have to do some research. Or there's that bank teller position that I heard about. Might be something there.

I'm also taking up knitting again. Mainly because I made the mistake of walking into a yarn store and getting caught by the pretty. Why does it all have to be so gorgeous? So now I've got enough yarn for two scarfs, a hat and three sets of fingerless gloves. Oy. Knitting is harder then I remember it being but that's probably because I'm out of practice. Or it could be the great knot gods deciding that I make a fun candidate t mess with. The great knot gods are tricky like that. They feed off of the frustration of new knitters and enjoy knots made high quality wool best because it the hardest to fix. Yeah, I'm blaming the great knot gods for the absolutly huge knot that basically is my knitting right now.

I'm ridiculously behind on my NanNoWriMo because the plot decided to change on me and two of my characters got personality trasplants so I'm having to relearn their head-space. Still, I'm confidant that once I've got that figured out things will work out from there. Hopefully. Sorta. I have no idea what I'm doing and I am just fine with that because not knowing what I'm dong involves a living library that has an awesome sense of humor. I can totally live with that.


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